The Resilient Larder

Before you get toooo into the pragmatics of preserving for winter by means of pickling, start by dipping your toes into the foundation. Pickling is a method of acidifying alkaline or basic (low acid) vegetables—say, green beans, which are pretty neutral on the pH scale at 6.5-7.0, or radishes, which clock in at 5.5-6.0.
I would not have made it through this busy, presummer week in the fields if I hadn’t made a tray of these easy, delicious power bars on Monday. Not that you need a reason....
Peanuts aka groundnuts aka goobers aka pindars are a bit of a botanical anomaly.Many people know they’re part of the legume family rather than a true nut, meaning during Thanksgiving dinner they’d be sitting with black-eyed peas and garbanzo beans.
What, pray tell, is applesauce? In vogue since Medieval times (and—sidenote—it’s also a synonym for malarkey/fiddlesticks/poppycock), is it a condiment? A dessert in and of itself? A literal sauce for meats and poultry?
We picture the water-powered oat mills with great stone presses dotting the Celtic landscape; houses with roofs and beds made of the same grass boiling the grain in cauldrons over open flames; pouring the oat paste into wooden porridge drawers to be cooled and eaten in travel-size slabs throughout the week.
Springtime is a study in fertile greens, especially of the microgreen variety, which are immature seedlings dense in vitamins, lutein, and beta-carotene (evidently manifold more than their fully grown versions). 

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