The Resilient Larder

The sweetness and acidity of fruit render it incredibly versatile, simple yet elegant as an element of dessert or dinner. Whether adorning a crackly-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside roast, grain bowl, or delectable cheese plate, our spreadable fruits make for a quick but singular accompaniment for your dinner spread.

While chile peppers are ubiquitous today and often associated with Eastern cuisines, they are South and Central American in origin. The word cayenne, derived from the Indigenous Tupian language, is actually the capital of French Guiana, where that particular pepper is believed to originate. Chiles—and cayennes specifically—spread to Europe via Columbus and to Asia by means of Portuguese colonists in Brazil.

With fiber-rich green veg, mineral-heavy TR broth, and oomph from anti-inflammatory Turmeric Chile Honey Syrup, this soup-meets-smoothie-meets-tonic is both healthful and a cinch to make. Just one soothing shot fuels our body, mind, and soul while powering through the busy Maine winter.

Citrus plants are 7-million-year-old members of the rue family sporting glossy green leaves and leathery rind-bound fruit with segmented, juicy pouches for flesh. They thrive in tropical/subtropical regions (sorry, Maine) yet are fairly cold-tolerant, with most hitting their stride in the mild season.

Originating in southern Italy, where San Marzano and other plum tomatoes reign supreme, passata is a thick, intensely tomatoey puree that’s perfect for sauces, pizza, stews, and so on. From the verbpassareto go through—fresh tomatoes get heated just until their juices are released and their flesh soft, then are passed through a mill to remove skins and seeds.

We can’t think of a better or more stunning way to pay homage to our coast and mark a special occasion than this recipe of beet-cured salmon paired with our quick pickled sugar kelp—an astounding pink-to-orange-ombre aquatic celebration. Be sure to purchase super fresh and responsibly sourced salmon.

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