The Resilient Larder

We can’t think of a better or more stunning way to pay homage to our coast and mark a special occasion than this recipe of beet-cured salmon paired with our quick pickled sugar kelp—an astounding pink-to-orange-ombre aquatic celebration. Be sure to purchase super fresh and responsibly sourced salmon.

Whether toasting to the year behind (or better year approaching!), the gathering of friends and loved ones, a sacred tradition, or simply making merry, celebratory cocktails—and mocktails—have become synonymous with holiday gatherings.

Made with Neufchâtel in France, egg whites in Japan,quark in Austria,and duro blando in El Salvador, cheesecake is a beloved, celebratory offering country to country. So you’d better believe that we’re already elbows deep in tempering cheeses for the onslaught of holiday gatherings.
Before you get toooo into the pragmatics of preserving for winter by means of pickling, start by dipping your toes into the foundation. Pickling is a method of acidifying alkaline or basic (low acid) vegetables—say, green beans, which are pretty neutral on the pH scale at 6.5-7.0, or radishes, which clock in at 5.5-6.0.
I would not have made it through this busy, presummer week in the fields if I hadn’t made a tray of these easy, delicious power bars on Monday. Not that you need a reason....
Peanuts aka groundnuts aka goobers aka pindars are a bit of a botanical anomaly. Many people know they’re part of the legume family rather than a true nut, meaning during Thanksgiving dinner they’d be sitting with black-eyed peas and garbanzo beans.

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