Come take a gander at Turtle Rock’s collection of farm-to-larder canned goods! Be it fiddleheads or plum tomatoes or wild berries, our kitchen preserves organically grown, peak-season produce in small batches. Snack on our heirloom bread & butter pickles, cook with our no-salt-added tomatoes, gift our award-winning relishes to friends, or whip up a dessert with our low-sugar spreadable fruits. Peruse now to have the convenience of Maine-grown produce at the height of flavor and nutrition all year-round, and search for "gift idea" if you're on the hunt for stocking [your larder] stuffers!

Craving a pastry or fresh veg? Check out our bakery products and farm produce instead. To see when out-of-season products will return, check out our harvest schedule.

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