Partner With a Maine Farm

Have you considered partnering with a Maine farm to showcase a small-batch jam or farm-fresh product exclusive to your business?

Made, packaged, and labeled for you by Turtle Rock, a woman-owned farm and preservation kitchen in the Midcoast, our private labels can increase margins and build brand loyalty through a custom-designed good promoting your business’s name. Hand-pick your flavor, size, volume, and label and we’ll take care of the rest. Having produced our own line of products as well as private labels for clients like Rosemont, Bahner Farm, Morning Glory Natural Foods, and boutique hotels in Maine for 8 years, we’re well-versed in safe and delicious large-scale production and canning. Whether you’d like full control over the recipe specs and packaging or simply want to order a best-seller with your logo on it, we’re here for you and open to collaborating on as much of the process as you’d like. Opportunities for unique flavor profiles and new concepts for your breakfast tables or gift shops abound.

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